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Creating and Editing Articles

Use "Create Article" Box

  • On the left-hand navigation bar there should be a text field that lets you name a new article, and a button that says something like "new article" or "create article."
  • If the article already exists you'll be offered the option of going to that article.
  • If the article doesn't exist you'll be taken to a page that offers you the option to create it. Click on it and you'll see a text window at the bottom of the screen.
  • You should make sure the "Title of the page" above the edit window suits you. If not, change it.

Alternative method

  • While editing an article add [[[Name of Article]]] to text
  • Save the change, and click on the newly created link.
  • The remaining steps are the same as in the first method.

Basic Editing

There are six heading levels, but you'll likely use the top three at most:

* Biggest Heading (H1)
** Medium Heading (H2)
*** Small Heading (H3)

The code should start at the left margin. You only add *, **, ***, etc. to the left of the words in the heading (with a space after the opening code). Do not put similar code at the end of the heading.

So, type * Introduction. Don't type * Introduction * or *Introduction.

Working with Files

You may upload files up to 10MB per file. The wiki's quota is 300MB.

  1. Click on the files button at the bottom of the article's page
  2. Click on the upload new file link
  3. Click on the browse button beside the File to upload text box
  4. Choose a file you want and hit the return key or click the Open box
  5. Optional: rename the file in the Destination file name are (and make sure you include the extension such as .jpg)
  6. Click on the upload file! button
  7. After a few moments you should see the new file in your list of files.

More About Images

Instead of typing just [[image mypic.jpg]] you can type [[image mypic.jpg size="medium"]] (for instance).

All your options are size=

  • "square" - 75x75 pixels
  • "thumbnail" - 100 on longest side
  • "small" - 240 on longest side
  • "medium" - 500 on longest side
  • "large" - 1024 on longest side (only for Flickr large images)
  • "original" - original image (Flickr only)

You can also specify width or height in pixels: [[image mypic.jpg width="300px"]] or [[image mypic.jpg height="150px"]]. The image will be adjusted proportionately.

These options work with files you uploaded and Flickr files, but not for images residing on other Web sites.


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