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From diywebserver.com:

Welcome to DIYwebserver!

This site is a guide to setting up and running a full featured webserver from just about any Internet connection. We cover issues on running a web server, email server, dns server, news server, ftp server, game server and more.

Note: the Mac section is not yet available.


From How to Turn Your Mac Into a Web Server (on macinstruct.com):

Mac OS X is built on Darwin — a Unix-like, open source operating system developed by Apple and built on FreeBSD. This means that Mac users have access to free built-in server applications, like the Apache web server. With Apache and the DynDNS service, you can turn your Mac into a powerful web server. Anyone will be able to access the website stored on your Mac!

The best part is that you can host a website on your Mac for free. There are no hosting fees to pay, and your website will be available any time your Mac is turned on and connected to the Internet. We'll show you how to do it!


According to Server Room DIY, In-House Web Server Requirements (from serverwatch.com):

You will find the simplest of setups will likely not require much time to get running and will not cost a cent. Yet when reliability and supportability is a must, you'll probably need to make some purchases and invest a good amount of time. The following sections give you a rundown of the hardware and services required or recommended for hosting your own Web server.


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