Screen Captures

This article covers software that captures all or part of a screen, as well as software that captures entire Web pages, even sections off screen.

Screen capture software

MWSnap (Windows)

MWSnap (see separate article) is a tool for making screen captures on Windows: full or partial.

Mac OS X

On the Mac one can simply choose Cmd-Shift-3 for a full screen shot, or Cmd-Shift-4 to specify a cropped save.

Web page captures

Screengrab! (Firefox extension)

Screengrab! is a Firefox extension that can capture all or part of a Web page as an image: "It will save what you can see in the window, the entire page, just a selection, a particular frame… basically it saves webpages as images."

All the News That's Fit to Screengrab!

An image capture of the New York Times home page was done using Screengrab.

Paparazzi (Mac OS X)

"Paparazzi! is a small utility for Mac OS X that makes screenshots of webpages."


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