Per Lindström

Per Lindström is a Swedish logician, for whom the Lindström Theorem is named.

According to an abstract of a 2007 paper, “Lindstrom theorems for fragments of first-order logic,”

Lindstrom theorems characterize logics in terms of model-theoretic conditions such as Compactness and the Lowenheim-Skolem property. Most existing Lindstrom theorems concern extensions of first-order logic. On the other hand, many logics relevant to computer science are fragments or extensions of fragments of first-order logic, e.g., k-variable logics and various modal logics. Finding Lindstrom theorems for these languages can be challenging, as most known techniques rely on coding arguments that seem to require the full expressive power of first-order logic.

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Other Per Lindströms

There is a neuroscientist named Per Lindström.


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