Daniel Tammet

Daniel Tammet (right) does amazing feats of arithmetic, memory, and learning. Numbers appear to him as coloured shapes with their own behaviour. CBC Host George Stromboulopoulos asked what number Daniel saw him as. A “25,” which is a good thing as it's an energetic number, the kind you'd want at any party, Tammet said.

(Photo: CBC via Flickr.)

Daniel Tammet is a synesthesic savant, an author of two books: Born on a Blue Day (2007) and Embracing the Wide Sky (2009).

Tammet's has an official Web site, which links to a blog and his French and Spanish tutorials. (He learned Icelandic in a week.)

A documentary, Brain Man (2005), about him can be found on line.

He was interviewed on The Hour.

A print interview from Scientific American is available too.

He appeared in a TVO interview, and blogged by a producer.


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